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   Numbers : 101120
Name : Silvertipi badger brush with Resin handle
Specifications: Silvertip badger
Note :
Category : Shaving Brush

Detailed descriptions

Silvertip badger brush with Resin handle

The top-grade badger hair shaving brush, we specially select elite part among the badger hair raw material with the best quality, and deal with the sharp of hair through special methods, to keep the practical applicability and durability, meantime the appearance looks more beautiful, it will promote your status and life taste, and will be very suitable to give your family and friends as a gift. We use different material to make the brush handle, like metal, wood, high-grade resin, in order to cater for different customers’ tastes.  

We make the handle with high-quality resin, the surface is very bright and clean, this material is very suitable for the dry climate, it is very durable and enduring, a good choice for you.


For package we have simple package ---- PVC box, we also have gift box, you can choose any one.




Knot size


Hair height of brush


Handle height of brush


weight(not include pacage)


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